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Don't let the monotony of creating content for your business prevent you from taking the time
you need to enjoy life.

Do you have a really cool business that's being deflated by lack-luster content?

If the answer is yes, we'd be willing to bet that you've poured your heart and soul into building a stellar business.

But now what?

In today's digital landscape, captivating content is the key to unlocking customer connections and driving sales. 

But crafting content that resonates takes serious time and expertise.

That's where Wander Write Agency comes in.

We're your secret weapon for crafting authentic content that builds engagement and fuels growth. 

We understand the struggle; you're passionate about your business, but wrestling with content creation on any platform wastes your precious time. Which is likely already spread pretty thin.

Whenever you're ready to stop sacrificing your free time; book a free marketing consultation with Char today to see how we can help!

Hi... I'm Char.

The founder/author/world traveler behind
Wander Write Agency.

I've got a passion (okay, maybe even an obsession) for learning and exploring our incredible planet.

This passion led me to the creation of Wander Write Agency after a whirlwind experience teaching English in Indonesia that launched me into the world of digital nomadism. 

That experience left a lasting mark, and I've been an insatiable explorer of the balance between business and life ever since.

What truly drives me though, is my passion for helping business owners like you add value back into their customer's lives by curating authentic, thought-driven marketing content & simply sharing industry knowledge. 

Sounds f*n boring, I know, but I wish I was joking.


I've found myself more times than I care to admit standing on a subway in some random big city looking up and away from prying eyes, holding on for dear life & hoping I don't lose my footing only to find disappointing marketing material to be entertained by. Well, I say boo. 👎

Which means; I'm officially on a mission to transform lack-luster marketing one [post]er board at a time. 


With Wander Write Agency, I want to help business owners create content that genuinely reflects their unique personalities with completely customizable packages

In other words; I want to make sure the work we do for you directly reflects your needs as a business owner in the best ways possible. No need for stuffy "boxes" in the form of marketing packages that don't quite cut it.

Consider the slimy marketing tricks, pushy sales tactics, and unnecessary red tape the ghosts of business' past.


We're here to create a business that naturally uplifts other companies with personalized, authentic, and valuable content on their terms. Because it isn't just effective; it's essential – now more than ever.

When you're ready, click the button below, and let's grab a [virtual] cup of coffee together. 


A photo of char walking down the street with a smile on her face and adjusting her sunglasses.
About Me
How It Works



The first step is all about is getting to know each other.

We will sit and chat about your business, what goals you'd like to achieve through our mutual contribution, and how we might be able to help you get to those goals faster. 


The next step is all about drafting a roadmap for success.

After we get the chance to chat, you'll receive a proposal that maps out all the information we talked about in our discovery chat including prices. Then we'll give you a chance to mull it over. 


The final step is all about kicking back and relaxing. 

This is where we start our creative journey together. We'll be working on what we agreed in the proposal while you sit back and explore what to do with your newfound free-time!

Ready to get started?


We would work very well together if you have a desire to help people, a passion for authentic education, and a creative, out-of-the-box brand personality.

We pride ourselves on being fairly flexible when it comes to projects so if there is something else you have in mind or these prices are outside of your budget, let us know! 


There’s always a little wiggle room. 


With that in mind, any piece of content we create for you will include the following:

Topic-specific research – so you have the most up-to-date information in your industry.

2 rounds of editing – so you’re absolutely happy with your piece.

Platform-specific formatting – to fit your brand uniquely.

SEO keyword incorporation and enhancement – making it possible for your dream clients to find you easily.

Authentic, persuasive, attention-grabbing writing – to connect with your readers on a higher level.

Blog & Article
Feature Writing

Starting at $400
1,000 - 1,500 words

Web Page
Content & Design

Starting at $500
800 - 2,000 words

Page Content & Design

Starting at $800
1,000 + words

Email Copy &
Campaign Management

Starting at $100

200 - 700 words


Starting at $50
150 - 300 words

Social Media
Content & Management

 Starting at $300/month
3 posts/week

Photo/Video Package

Starting at $500
Will depend on availabilty.

Ad Copy

& Management

Starting at $500
Available upon request.



1st round is free!

Need something else you don't see?

Or perhaps you'd like to discuss work-for-trade?

Click the button below to start a new project or chat with us about other project ideas.


Any questions? Let's chat!

Making the decision to hire a professional marketer can be a difficult one, and I can only imagine you've got a lot of questions. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly with any thoughts, concerns, or questions. I'm an open book!

Keep wandering,
- Char

Not ready to venture down this path just yet?
Send Char a message instead.

We promise this one goes directly to her inbox. 

Thanks for reaching out!

I'll be in touch shortly with a reply directly to your inbox.
Keep wandering, 
- Char

Talk soon!

A photo of Char holding two coffee cups with a smile on her face inviting you to come and have a chat with her.
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